Shuttered shop 3 : Fed Up [small]

Shuttered shop 3 : Fed Up [small]

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Both these shops were decorated recently and I saw them within a few days of each other, so the idea of capturing the views and presenting them together was impossible to resist.  The “Fed up” art appeared not long after the referendum and certainly captured my own thoughts on the result.  But the smiley face across the other side of the city seemed to provide at least a little optimism.
Both images were desaturated and built back up again using various layers, the original colours strengthened and blended back in.

Limited edition artist's print. Matt art paper, signed.  Size : 50cm by 35cm approx. Suitable for framing (fits a standard frame).  This is a half size version of the original for people without so much free wall space!

Artist : Simon Robinson. Find out more about the originals of the images at the easy on the eye site

[The black outline is the edge of the print]