Go Home On A Postcard
Go Home On A Postcard Go Home On A Postcard Go Home On A Postcard Go Home On A Postcard

Go Home On A Postcard

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From the 1920s right up until the 1970s, commercial street photographers were busy in holiday resorts all around Britain, photographing people as they walked the promenades and piers. Of the many hundreds of thousands of images they must have taken, those that survive form a unique record of British society. What makes these street portraits special is that they had often been taken even before the subject was aware of it. The images capture a moment in time, reflecting the fashions, social status and habits of the era.
This forthcoming book, Go Home On A Postcard, brings together a selection of these images. The Walking Pictures ‘craze’ peaked during the 1920s and 30s. They were very popular, and despite the advent of more affordable cameras appealed to a wide spectrum of people and social classes (‘these ghastly things’; posted from Worthing, 1936), remaining a staple of British seaside holidays into the sixties.

To be published by Easy On The Eye Books SUMMER 2018. 160 pages. 210mm by 210mm. Fully illustrated. Softback. www.easyontheeyebooks.wordpress.net